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We reward our staff with training, giving them the opportunity to excel and further their career outreach through the delivery of industry specific training

Door Supervision

The modern door supervisor must be able to adapt to not only the environment they operate in, but the customers themselves; being approachable and friendly.

Manned Security

Static and mobile guarding can be expensive and unrewarding. Guards should have an ethical work value towards being cost efficient in the needs of your business operations.

Retail Security

The retail environment requires operatives to be able to not only determine crime from occuring, but to also detect crime with the procedural effect principle.

Event Staff

From stewarding to response team to mangement. Highly skilled and trained staff need to be in place, ready to meet the service deliver and operational objectives.

Store Detectives

Detering crime is not always the solution, especially when you have high value goods, or high demand products. Being able to blend in and detect, is an art in itself.

Mobile Patrol

Where an active or dormant site requires some form of security monitoring throughout various times either during the day or at night. Our Emergency Response Officers will patrol the area.

Highland Security

Modern security solutions are primarily a customer service facing role, as security operatives are usually the first interaction a customer has with your business. How the security operative treats and interacts with your customers can determine whether that individuals expectations are met. Consumer expectations and opinions play a vital part in making a business successful.